"Taga's revolutionary new travel system is set to be this year's 'must have' yummy mummy accessory"

"Last night's Christmasrific Glee ended with what seemed like a holiday miracle. Artie, a character confined to a wheelchair, took a few halting steps with the help of a machine called "Rewalk"
"We chose Taga because of its experience with large medical equipment and because of the team...we wanted that a system that costs 1 million dollar will look like 1 million dollar. And indeed, whoever saw the final product said 'wow'"

"Argo Medical Technologies and engineering consultancy Taga Innovations are seeking to end what they call the wheelchair monopoly"
"Millions of tons of used cat litter ends up in American landfill sites. CatGenie's solutions? Their appliance, which is likened to a toilet for cats, uses washable, litter-like granules that are permanent. Liquid waste drains through them while the machine scoops out solids and liquefies them into a poop puree for easy drainage. The granules are then washed and dried."
"Grippity, a remote QWERTY keyboard you don't need a table to type on...The Grippity 1 is a backtyping keyboard meaning while you are holding it you can utilize your fingers on the back of it to type"
"Taga offers and extremely smooth and safe ride"

"An artificial exoskeleton, akin to a pair of robotic trousers, promises to bring hope and dignity to paraplegics by letting them walk"

"Design takes a leading role in the business strategy of companies worldwide. Israeli companies, even those who deal with industrial products, can use design as a competitive tool and strengthen their position in global markets"
"Across the Atlantic there's new revolution brewing, which is sure to hit the Old World in time: in-car satellite TV"
"Seen as breakthrough technology, the Applisonix system uses pure ultrasound to remove all air colours permanently"
"Syneron is one of the fascinating companies that were established in Israel in the last decade"
"Surgeons sometimes leave instruments or sponges inside their patients, typically necessitating a second surgery to retrieve these. ...A new system uses portable antennas that read button-size RFID tags attached to the items...automates the tracking process, so that physicians preparing to sew a patient up can be sure nothing's been left behind."
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