Taga BV is a Dutch company, which specializes in ecological mobility.

Taga Bike, is a multifunctional urban vehicle for parents and children. It combines a carrier bike and a premium stroller to create a new transportation modality. Its unique design aims to improve the daily family life experience, making it less restrained and more enjoyable.

Taga enables parents to ride easily and safely with their children, while also carrying groceries or personal items around the city, leaving their car behind. During the ride, the child can see and experience the surroundings and the parent can watch and communicate with the child, making the ride a mutual adventure.

When reaching the target location (home or any building such asa mall, cafe, indoor playground, clinic or friend's house), Taga can be transformed into a standard-size stroller within 20 seconds, allowing the parent and the child to enter the premises, ride the elevator or ascend the stairs, leaving no parts behind.

Taga can also be used on public transportation, enabling inter-city rides and a continuous outdoor-indoor trip. 

The product is modular and versatile, allowing attachment of a wide range of accessories such as: hood, rain cover, seat for a second child, wooden seat for two children, shopping basket, side bags, infant car seat and more.

Moreover, Taga can be easily disassembled or folded, for car trunk transportation or home storage, within less than one minute.

Taga can be used for 1-2 children ages 0-6 years. When the children are older than 6, they can ride Taga by themselves. Taga can also be used for shopping when the children are not around.

Taga bike has a high-finishing aluminum frame, a Shimano gear, disk brakes, a sealed chain guard, and a five-point harness.

The product has passed all relevant safety standards in Europe, USA, Australia and Israel.

Taga Bike has won the following awards:
- Eurobike Award (bike industry's most important award)
- Kind & Jugend Innovation Award (stroller industry's most important award)
- Red Dot Product Design Award
- iF Product Design Award
- Solidworks Award
- Bizzy Baby Award
- Atir Design Award
- Golden Star Design Award
- Recognition by I.D. magazine as 2008 smartest product

The product was endorsed by top celebrities and presented inmany TV shows around the world.

Taga's role in the project:
- Research
- Product strategy and roadmap
- Product characterization and specifications
- Product configuration
- Human engineering
- Industrial design
- Mechanical engineering and development
- Development of all system mechanisms
- Design for production
- Prototyping
- Sourcing
- Tooling
- Production and assembly line set up
- Testing
- Quality Control 

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